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When you buy something from a creative, you're buying more than just an object or service. You're buying a piece of that person's passion. A piece of their heart. A piece of their soul. A piece of their life.


Here in central Pennsylvania, we have an immense network of small businesses that would love to work with you on projects, events, designs, interiors, etc! Most of us work directly with you to make sure all your needs are met and we genuinely want to build a relationship and make a connection with you. 

In the linked pages, some of my favorite local businesses, artists, locations, and creators are featured. I value my relationship with all of the individuals I have met and I'm thankful for all they have taught me and done for me over the past few years as I began my small business venture. Kudos to everyone for pursuing their dreams and inspiring others on their way to the top. I'd recommend these locals to anyone!

So, please, promote the local makers, shop small, and support big dreams. We're handmade. We're homemade. And we're made with love. 

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