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7 Completely Random Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

Maybe you already know me. Maybe you're completely new to my design studio and have never heard of me before. Maybe it's only my mom reading this.

1. I applied for a job in college, got rejected, and realized what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

While studying at PITT my first year of college, I applied for a few jobs on campus hoping to make some extra money. I read The PITT News daily and they had a position open for an "ad designer." It sounded fun and I had some design experience, so I applied and went in for an interview. They had me redesign an ad that ran a previous issue and said they'd give me a call. I never received the call. I was bummed. But I realized that's what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. The following weeks, I put in a transfer to Temple University and applied directly to their advertising program in the School of Media & Communication. In fact, in my transfer letter to Temple, I wrote, "My goal is to eventually graduate from Temple University, acquire a job soon after graduation, and succeed to becoming an art director or graphic designer."


2. Taylor Swift's legal team once contacted me about a copyright violation.

(But who hasn't been contacted by TS's legal team for copyright violations). My forte is cute, goofy, funny greeting cards. After making several for friends and family, I decided to sell them on Etsy. Little did I know at the time, you can't use lyrics on a card to resell, including "Welcome to New York." I've since brushed up on my copyright law knowledge.


3. I was a model for a day.

That's right. Back in high school, I worked for one of the ~*coolest*~ teen clothing stores–Aeropostale. The managers of the Hershey Outlets wanted to shoot and air a commercial directing consumers to do their "back-to-school" shopping at the outlets, but they didn't have enough models. As an employee, I was asked to pick out an outfit and be featured in the commercial. It aired in my area months later and the phone calls/texts I received were overwhelming and embarrassing.


4. My twin sister, Brandi, and I have halted entire parties to do the "McNuggets" rap.

McDonald's released a user-generated commercial back when we were in high school and it might have been the most hilarious thing to us at the time. Of course we had to learn the rap and show anyone who would watch. Now, 8-10 years later, we're still asked to do the rap together. This includes this most recent New Years Eve party. Brandi beatboxes and I rap.

Here's the original rap:


5. I had my sister once call and quit a job for me.

I had a jerk for a boss at a summer job once. It was my third part time job and just took some shifts to make some extra money. After a heated confrontation with said boss one day, I got in my car, cried the entire way home, and made my sister call as soon as I stepped in the door. It was the first time I ever quit a job and being a spineless teenager, just couldn't get the words out myself. So, huddled in our kitchen around the phone on speaker, I listened to Brandi quit my first job ever.


6. I collect pressed pennies and postcards.

My love of design started with scrapbooking at a young age. I scrapbooked all the way up to my freshman year of college. Being creative with scrapbooking definitely foreshadowed my dream career of being a graphic designer, but I never put two-and-two together before that. I stopped scrapbooking because I simply don't have the time, but I still do collect postcards from every trip I make, and pressed pennies everywhere that has a little machine. I now have a "penny passport" that holds all the pennies I have collected over the years from the many different places I've traveled to and visited.


7. I am deeply and weirdly obsessed with murder mysteries.

It may be a weird conversation starter, but I'd love you forever. TV shows, podcasts, books - it doesn't matter. My love of mysteries about disappearances, kidnappings, and murders runs deep. PLEASE ask me about my favorite documentaries and shows. The Investigation Discovery channel is ALWAYS on in the background no matter what I'm doing and the number of mysteries I have on my bookshelf is overwhelming.


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