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Why We Need to Bring Back Greeting Cards

When did writing a short “happy birthday” on a friend’s Facebook wall become the norm? Or shooting them a text with a few emojis? At what point did we become so impersonal?

​Handwritten cards on holidays, birthdays, and every occasion in between used to be addressed, stamped, and sent through the mail. But in the age of social media, we’ve let ourselves get away with typing a few words even to our closest of friends. I won’t lie -- I’m guilty of this too. But greeting cards are something I still cherish, no matter the occasion.

Some may know that my small business got it’s start by selling greeting cards on Etsy. I love to be creative, so I always designed funny and unique cards for my friends and family. Everyone loved the cards and many encouraged me to turn my hobby into a side hustle. So that’s exactly what I did. I listed them on Etsy as instant digital downloads, so online shoppers could download, print, cut, and fold the card themselves. It allowed them to buy a card at the last minute and have something to physically hand their loved one.

Every card I made, and continue to make, has a blank inside. Why? Because I want you to write your own personal message, rather than relying on generic words to convey how you feel. I want you to truly take the time to write a message to your loved one. Tell them how much they mean to you, how proud you are of them, or how inspiring they are. Thank them for being a loving friend, for lending a helping hand, or for supporting your goals and dreams. Put your thoughts in writing and I promise the recipient will appreciate every word.

Since high school, I have saved every card that had a written message in it. I’m not sure why I started to collect them at the time, but as I look back at them and read them, I understand why. These are words that I want to remember forever. They are notes of encouragement, inspiration, and sentiment. The writers love and care about me, and I keep these cards so I can cherish them forever.

Whenever I’m feeling nostalgic, I’ll pull out the cards and let myself get swept away in waves of overwhelming emotion. And by the time I pack them up and put them away, I feel more focused, motivated, and determined to achieve all that they said I could.

So let’s bring back greeting cards. Open our hearts to those we love the most. And allow ourselves to become individualistic again.

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