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Ink Mark

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Ink Mark


Honestly, this adventure started because of one wall that stood in my bedroom closet at my family home. I hung typographic magazine ads, fun beer coasters, artwork from craft shows - basically anything that inspired and energized my passion. Surrounding myself with creativity gave me the backbone I needed to branch out and open my own design studio.

My journey began with creating greeting cards for friends and family, which I turned around and sold on Etsy in 2014. That turned into designing custom artwork, wedding invitations, logos, banners, and more in 2015. After a lot of lessons learned and several rebrands, one wall design studio was created.

But that wasn't enough - my love for the wedding industry continued to grow and I had an urge to expand my expertise. In 2017, I attended an event planning and design course that encouraged me to broaden my reach by offering wedding coordination. The rest is history.

Since then, one wall design studio gained four new office walls in my own home and four doggy paws that frequent the establishment. As this business continues to grow, we add to our collective of trusted female associates that are dedicated to making your experience with us incredible.


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