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I'm Brittani Potts, owner and creator.


My handwriting is a little sloppy, stick figures are the extent of my drawing capabilities, and words aren't my strong suit. But give me an idea, a computer, and all the fonts in the world, and I can create something beautiful. I may be a little awkward and more organized than I should be for a creative mind, but I never miss a deadline and an email never goes unanswered. 

I'm a full-time graphic artist for a worldwide leader in Quality of Life services and I'm home-officed in my small central Pennsylvania town. My days consist of designing materials at request for our North American university accounts, the occasional macaroni and cheese lunch, and more often than not, a mid-afternoon nap. 


In my spare time, I freelance for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals. I also run an online shop, pin entirely too many DIY projects, and scroll too far into the depths of Instagram. I'm an avid reader, a huge fan of leggings, and probably have the same floral print shirt as your grandma. I never go anywhere without a sharpie, but will forget the only item I truly needed at the grocery store.

I'm a proud Temple alumnus that specialized in the art direction of advertising and dabbled in business studies. I currently have more than five years of professional design experience and a lifetime of imaginative and creative thinking. Let's work together!



Every creative piece made in this studio is unique, which is why the design process can vary. But whether you're in need of a logo, branding, bridal designs, or advertising, the following steps will give you a general idea of what to expect when requesting a design:

  • creative brief completed (what you need/quantity/size/etc.)

  • price quote given (complete cost OR hourly rate)

  • contract completed and signed (for business purposes)

  • invoice sent and deposit requested (before design work begins)

  • proofs sent for approval (first look of your design)

  • final invoice sent and remaining balance requested

  • final design files sent to you or to print (a job well done!)

East Chocolate Dental & Jonestown Dental

Wendy Potts of Howard Hanna Krall Real Estate

The Mail Dock

Hearst Magazines - Eat Clean Special

The Jesse R. Dreisbach Memorial Foundation

CHASE-ing A Cure

Virginia Youth Trapshooting League

Almost Friday Designs


Relaxation Pools & Spas

...and entirely too many brides to name!


"your design work is awesome, sweetie!"

- my mom

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